The ural owl

Strix uralensis

The ural owl is a bird that very eagerly leaves its nest. In the winter, you can hear the male’s territorial call, “wo-ho….. woho uhwo-ho”. Another sound the ural owl makes is the yapping bau – wau call, which is delivered by both sexes.


During the winter you can hear the classic hooting of this owl which is a kind of barking sound that can be confused with that of a dog’s. The ural owl is grey, brown and beige with dark streaks on its chest and stomach. It resembles the tawny owl, but with dark eyes and a yellow beak.

This owl has a wingspan of up to 124 cm and eats mostly small rodents, field mice, water vole, but also frogs, shrews and birds. Ural owls live in pairs, with the female incubating the eggs herself. A litter contains 1-6 eggs and the young leave the nest before they can fly at 4-5 weeks of age.

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Class: Bird

Scientific name: Strix uralensis

Conservation status: NT

Size: 60-62 cm long with a wingspan of 124-134 cm. The female is larger than the male.

Weight: 800-1000 gram

Number of eggs: 1-6 (3-5 normal)

Did you know that:

The ural owl can breed at one year of age but often waits until it is 3-4 years.

The ural owl is usually described as a bird that can behave aggressively when its young leave the nest since it then sometimes attacks nearby people.

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Conservation status

Near threatened
Near threatened

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