The Lynx

(Lynx lynx)

The lynx is sometimes called Sweden’s mini tiger. A large cat animal that can move very quietly and is a good runner. The lynx is also one of Sweden’s most popular animals, at least according to the polls made every now and then.


The lynx is Sweden’s only wild feline. They have the body shape of a domestic cat but the size of the lynx, the short tail and the tufts of the ears means that they look quite different to a pet cat. The lynx has on several occasions been voted as Sweden’s most popular animal. The lynx’s coat is more or less beige with lighter patches. Some lynx have clear spots while others are just one colour. A lynx weighs 15-25 kg.

They hunt reindeer and deer and smaller prey. Lynx are fast runners across short distances and sneak up on their prey making a quick lunge. The lynx is a lonely animal, with the female rearing her cubs for barely one year. They mate in spring and the young are born in the early summer.

En tunn linje

Did you know that

  • The lynx can purr just like our domestic cats.
  • In the past, it was believed that lynx could see through walls.
  • The lynx has been voted the most popular animal in Sweden.
En tunn linje


Class: Carnivores (Carnivora)

Scientific name: Felines (Felidae)

Conservations status: VU

Size: Length 70-115 cm, shoulder height 50-70 cm.

Weight: Approximately 15-25 kg. Males weigh 20-35 kg and females 15-25 kg.

Number of youngs: The young are born in a den in May-June. They are usually 2-3 in number, but both single offspring and 4 in a litter are not uncommon.

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